Enjoy each other's company while playing board games at this brand new board game café.

Belvelly Dungeon is the castle redesigned upside down with the golden tree branches connecting to a sustainable electrical current underneath.

Belvelly Dungeon #2 will transform the world’s understanding of where humanity went wrong during the juggernaut of global capitalism and greed.

Bourne's Bar is a non-alcoholic bar and chill-out zone for young people aged 14+.

With it's spacious screening rooms and high ceilings, Cobh cinema shows independent films - and we are expanding!

The centre is a place where anyone, at almost any time, can unplug from the bombardment of electronic information and plug back into themselves.

Hey Ladies! At Convent of Mercy, you can invite the personal hygienist of your choice to the all-day pampering that SHE might need!

Every Other Person is a safe, accessible place for young people to meet, socialise, learn and create in an informal setting.

People who think they have reached a stale-mate – an impasse – an insurmountable problem - can come to Funky Dounuts for advice and re-training about alternative approaches to life’s apparent ‘difficulties’.

Play 11 holes of obstacle golf, each hole taking place in a scaled down version of a favourite scene from the smash-hit 1997 film starring Leonardo di Caprio & Kate Winslet.

Lynch Lunch / Launch Brunch offers a new-age approach to mid-day dining.

Natsta Night Club is a multi-room entertainment complex with just about everything you could ever want - with no minimum age!

Norture is a new meeting place where people engage in activities traditionally associated with a brothel but instead of the strip club/massage parlour facade, this house operates as a nursery - a place for planting seeds in moist environs to support desires and needs.

Flooded with natural light, Practice in Evidence houses an artistic community of high quality emerging and established fine artists.

Reality Bending is a collective that focuses on the parallels between art and activism, deliberately blurring the line between fact and fiction.

The Social Welfare Garden is a place where you can sit with plants in a relaxed and accessible environment. Open to all who want peace and reflection in nature - it is a silent space. No talking, no phones, just quiet.

The Society of Slides houses a variety of slides to cater for all adrenalin rushes and provide that momentary release from thoughts.

The Barter Place is keeping the oldest form of economy alive.

Creativity and innovation are given space to breathe and expand in this open mic venue for creatives - from poets, to musicians, to performance artists.

Featuring the Repair Café, Learn2Cook Kitchen and Roundtable, at the Re-Hub you’ll find a safe space to recuperate, re-imagine & reconnect with yourself and your community.

We feed and teach everyone who is hungry - and hungry for knowledge - with traditional, nourishing home-cooked meals and their techniques for preparation.

店舗 (Tenpo) is a store that sells games for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC), Manga of all genre and Anime on Blu-rays.