22 East Beach, Kilvargan

Inspired by the success story of the Clonakilty model railway village, take a tour around the Titanic in the form of an immersive crazy golf experience. 

Play 11 holes of obstacle golf, each hole taking place in a scaled down version of a favourite scene from the smash-hit 1997 film starring Leonardo di Caprio & Kate Winslet.

When the ball is potted on each obstacle, movement and sound is triggered, meaning the model characters recreate the scene through simple movement in the style of an automated clock/one of those mechanical cobbler dolls you see in cobblers/key cutters shops, and audio is played from the film to complete the effect.

11 holes/scenes are:

  1. Rose attempting suicide at the back of the ship. When ball is potted Jack pulls up Rose and ship's propellers start to spin.
  2. First class dinner party with Rose’s fiancée.
  3. Third class party. Complete with dancing peasants and trad music.
  4. Jack and Rose at the front of the boat doing the Titanic bit. Celine Dion music plays and Rose says ‘I’m flying Jack’ then they start shifting.
  5. Jack draws Rose in the nip. When you pot the ball the car starts rocking as they get amorous in the back seat.
  6. The Titanic hits the iceberg. Crew member shouts ‘Iceberg right ahead’.
  7. Jack handcuffed to a pipe while the boat sinks. Rose whacks the handcuffs with an axe when ball is potted.
  8. Lifeboats start to lower from deck.
  9. Jack & rose on the back of the Titanic with the front end going down into the water. When ball is potted, the boat goes down.
  10. Rose on her table top holding hands with jack in the water, surrounded by floating bodies. When ball is potted she says ’I’ll never let go, I promise’ and shoves jack into the freezing depths of the Atlantic.
  11. Rose and Jack are reunited at the top of the stairs in first class, like the very last scene in the film after the character of Rose dies in her sleep. 
Contributing Member: Borg Janssen