Marino Point

An ambitious, multi-national, cross-cultural initiative, Belvelly Dungeon #2 (zoo for socio-political, economic and cultural analysis) will reposition Cobh as an international hub for tourism. With the aim of changing fight-paths to Britain and re-installing the second rise of the fiscal tiger, Belvelly Dungeon #2 will gather together all the failed politicians and CEOs of multi-national companies of the immediate past in one spot – captured in a secluded, fenced historical theme-park that aims to interrogate the global failures of power and control of the past.

Reflecting FOTA’s Wildlife Park across the body of water separating the two sites, Belvelly Dungeon #2 will enclose key failed leaders from the past behind carefully concealed bars, trap-doors and moats, that will allow visitors to closely scrutinise their patterns of their behaviour, their methods of interacting with each other, and the rhythms of their activities. This new theme-park will draw significant funding from the superannuation of the members it enlists as a “human zoo”; a recreational-cum-research platform that will use similar methods of analysis used in the Fota zoo on the opposite bank.

Belvelly Dungeon #2 aims to imaginatively and appropriately re-purpose the exhausted, spent and now useless energy instruments of the immediate past as living quarters for the men and women who formerly employed these instruments to wield their global power. Through a challenging program of international forums, symposia, research gatherings and publications based on the study of the zoo inmates, Belvelly Dungeon #2 will transform the world’s understanding of where humanity went wrong during the juggernaut of global capitalism and greed.

Contributing Member: Kurtmeister Donnerblitzen