Marino Point

Belvelly Dungeon is the castle redesigned upside down with the golden tree branches connecting to a sustainable electrical current underneath.

All the animals from Fota Island are free to roam all around the green roof. There is a glass elevator in the middle which brings in loads of light. The interior is decorated with mirrored glass that bounces spectrums of colours, allowing for natural light to shine throughout.

At the top you have a lovely view of nature. The level below this is ground zero and it is my greenhouse area where I plant all my food to eat and where bees come for nectar from my flowers. I also host loads of parties here, or just relax with a few cans. My house is so cosy, warm, filled with loads of space to paint, write and read. It has excellent wifi system with high-spec everything. But I prefer to still use candles when I move through revolving doors into my secret passageways and treasure rooms. There are also plenty of rooms for guests who visit me via cool tunnels from their castles.

I feel so happy, safe and comfortable living here. I'm happy that I live in an era where people don't need to show off their houses from the outside anymore!

Contributing Member: Alan