16 Casement Square, Kilvargan

"We need a space somewhere to learn new skills and somewhere to just be. We are our future. Every Other Person is part of that future."

Every Other Person is a safe, accessible place for young people to meet, socialise, learn and create in an informal setting. At its most basic, EOP provides a youth-run, non-commercial, café-like space where young people can quietly work and converse without the pressure of having to purchase food or drink. It is an empowering space that provides much needed youth support whilst developing a sense of community and participation. In addition to this safe haven, EOP provides training and education by running free training courses in small business management, catering, art, screen printing, and sewing.

EOP is a not-for-profit, community-run organisation run by a executive comprising of an equal number of young people and "elders" from diverse backgrounds. It is supported by local volunteers and is jointly funded by Cork City Council and philanthropic donations.

Two full-time youth workers are employed who, in addition to supporting education, advisory and counselling roles, also serve as public representative and advocates for youth rights.

The Kilvargan site provides a clean, comfortable, well-equipped and stimulating space for youth, with a commercial-grade kitchen.

Contributing Member: Three Amigos