6 Lynch's Quay, Kilgarvan

In today's world full of takeaways, energy drinks, frozen microwaveable meals, are we ready to throw away centuries of traditional, nourishing, home-cooked meals? Instead of freshly baked scone and home-made raspberry jam, are you buying pre-packed sandwiches and Lucozade for breakfast? Maybe you think it's cheaper to eat quickly but unhealthily, or are too busy to spend hours cooking. Maybe you can't be bothered, or maybe you want to change but don't know how.

Welcome to The Spuds where we feed and teach everyone who is hungry - and hungry for knowledge.

The Spuds was started by local chef, Klara, who wanted to give something back to the Cobh community as thanks for the welcome and opportunities that she would never have had in her home country. We are now a mainly volunteer-based kitchen/workshop. On sunny and warm weekends, we have foraging trips, returning later to our kitchen to pickle, eat or dry all the yummy stuff we found that day. With produce donated by local farmers, we teach how to prepare dishes with lots of love, and we serve them to the public to encourage purchase of locally sourced food. Profits from selling our foraged pickles, herbal teas or community lunches are invested in ingredients and equipment for both adult and kids cooking courses.

What are you waiting for? Put your aprons on, lads!

Contributing Member: Klara