8 Harbour Row, Kilvargan (Temporary Premises)

Step away from your busy, everyday life and reconnect with yourself through meditation.

The meditation centre was jointly established by health, meditation, yoga and spiritual groups in Cobh to be a community hub for activities related to meditation and mindfulness.

It is a place where anyone, at almost any time, can unplug from the bombardment of electronic information and plug back into yourself in relative solitude, or with others who are seeking the same life balance.

You are free to engage in your existing practice or follow our teachers, classes, workshops or audio guides. The centre creates its own pre-recorded audio guides that cover a range of experiences from food and nature, to stress and anxiety relief, which are available for use. Please supply your own headphones if you wish to use the pre-recorded guides.

The centre is open 30 minutes before dawn and closes 30 minutes after dusk on every day. Please see the staff for the current schedule of guided meditations, classes, workshops and visiting teachers.

All are welcome. Entry is free.