6 Lynch's Quay, Kilgarvan

Lynch Lunch / Launch Brunch offers a new-age approach to mid-day dining.

Lynch Lunch (aka the Quay with the Key to Alternative Dining) encourages patrons to forgo the mid-day crowds of lunch time and opt for the more relaxed, temporally-friendly approach to sustenance.

Why queue when you can Quay? Why lunch when you can brunch? No more waiting in line. No more nasty pre-lunch pangs. If you can plan your workday personal fuel tank-up through booking a table at Lynch Lunch at brunch time you can get ahead of the pack and be in the lead in terms of completing your tasks for the day.

We cater for those who believe that a second breakfast can never be one too much; and for those who are dedicated to more-instant gratification and on-time delivery.

Contributing Member: Mariana von Mitagessen