5 Midleton Street, Kilvargan

Funky Dounuts is a place for problem solving.

People who think they have reached a stale-mate – an impasse – an insurmountable problem - can come here for advice and re-training about alternative approaches to life’s apparent 'difficulties'.

Funky Dounuts is a place for those who feel they’ve hit a brick wall with a situation in their lives.

Inside, they’re invited to spell out the dimensions and depth of the difficulties they feel they’ve reached. Highly trained Funky Dounut staff then workshop the details of these problems within a new context.

Funky Dounut staff present their customers with new options seen from different viewpoints – from different scenarios.

Funky Dounuts teaches clients to put the "u" into the centre of life – between the "do" of action and the "nuts" of life’s problems.

Through the use of specially-designed pie-charts, staff trained in meticulous Funky Dounut approaches to life teach client to concentrate on the Donut NOT the Hole of the problems they bring to them. They train clients on opting for donut-not-hole attitudes to life in general.

Funky Dounuts moves the funk out of the holes in life and puts the funky back into the donut of life.

Funky Dounuts trains you to be "u" again – how to move right on through the "nuts" of life through to the "do" ing!

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