1 East Beach, Kilvargan

The building has housed many known and unknown guests. Guests very famous and some not so famous. There is a history and a future in this edifice - they seep from the edifice. The building will not be your destination, it will be your gilding light.

Drawn from the idea of a brothel or bordello, Norture is a new meeting place where people engage in activities traditionally associated with a brothel. However, this house is far from traditional. The shop front massage parlour, the strip club body and rub shop facade have gone. Instead, the house operates as a nursery - a place for planting seeds in moist environs to support desires and needs - and hence the name. Unlike a traditional bordel, this building is made of stone and earth, giving the place a solid and respectable feel - a place of permanence and of creditability. Ideas, thoughts and desires can be addressed and pursued. Rooms are themed and set around the concept of nature/nurture. All perfumes are natural and so, the building emanates the pleasant scent of petrichor, thus creating a feeling of well-being and of the benevolence of nature.

Payment is based on each worker's specialities, and a living wage is provided regardless of patronage. Workers are well cared for - physically, spiritually and psychologically - thus facilitating a good, healthy work environment for all. Norture serves meals and is drug and alcohol free, with a focus on zero waste.

Irish law renders many activities which surround prostitution illegal (such as operating a brothel, pimping, and soliciting in a public place) and in so doing, compromises the safety of sex workers. Norture will care for everyone and everything.