13 Casement Square, Kilvargan

Creativity and innovation are given space to breathe and expand in this open mic venue for creatives - from poets, to musicians, to performance artists.

Cork has long been a hub for creatives, thinkers and trailblazers and The Break A Leg Lounge seeks to keep this culture rich in the ‘rebel county’. Every weekend the stage is opened up to anyone who wants to perform. It is an accessible platform for artists to experiment in the presence of a live audience. Running alongside the open mic is a pop-up brewery and cafe. Each week a new craft brewer is invited to bring along a selection of their newest brews. These brews are paired with gourmet sandwiches made by the best that Cork cafes have to offer.

The Break A Leg Lounge aims exhibit the versatility and sheer enthusiasm of what the Irish arts scene has to offer, and you might even feel tempted to get up and perform yourself. Plus, there’s an added bonus if you’re planning on performing – bring along a USB key to take home a recording of your set, completely free of charge.

Open Friday and Saturday 6pm-11pm. Entry is free.

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