Spy Hill, Kilvargan

Hey Ladies! Ever woke up in the middle of the night feeling bad about all the people you’ve hired at a measly cost to do your personal work for you?

Ever felt guilty about all those girls in your local nail salon who suck in bucket-fuls of poison of amylacetate into their young lungs every year just to make your fat fingertips look better?

Ever felt a slight twang of remorse about all those girls in your local hair salon who brave the onslaught of dyes and chemicals and hot air and burns just to improve the way the top of your head looks?

Ever taken time to second-guess the effect that depilating your private parts might be having on the ambitions and aspirations of the youth you hire for the job?

Lie awake no more! At Convent of Mercy YOU get the chance to turn the tables.

Yes – that’s right! Convent of Mercy opens the opportunity for you to invite the personal hygienist of your choice to work with you on an all-day retreat so that you get a chance to give her the kind of pampering SHE might need!

Be gone with ghastly naggings of guilt! Dwell no more on the inequality of social and economic imbalances! Convent of Mercy presents you with the opportunity of reversing the cycle of privilege, use and abuse for a blissful 24 hours, allowing you to return to your life of sophistication and superiority again once you exit its doors.

Just sign up today with the young hygienist of your choice and leave the rest to us! Convent of Mercy will contact your guest and provide all the services and equipment she needs for YOU to be working for HER.

Check out our website now – and apply a little more mercy into your life through helping the lives of others!

Contributing Member: Madame Illuminata Krack